House Cats

If a cat is a pet in your mind for your family, then you should think of choosing most popular house cat available for you. There are breeds of different kinds in a house cats that one can select from. These breeds come in different categories compared to the pedigreed cats. Therefore, rest assured that when selecting the popular type of house cat that you want, your selections will never be limited.

Veterinarian Classifications

In classifying the different breeds of cats, veterinarians usually give them their easy method to distinguish them. For instance, there exists the domestic long-haired cats, domestic medium-length hair cats, and the domestic short-haired cats. These paragons are usually used whenever they are unable to identify the particular breed. Should there be other variations regarding the aspects of a particular breed, it is called a mixed breed.

One popular kind are those called the cats having a congenital physical anomaly or the polydactyl cats. What makes this type of house cat unparalleled to other breeds is because of its extra toes. There are polydactyl cats seen until today.

Color Patterns

Categorizing the breeds may also come according to their colors or any markings present. One paragon of a house cat classified according to colors is the calico cats due to their color trademarks of orange, white and black. Some variations are those that have slightly paled colors, and they are the diluted calicos. Also, they are considered to have beautiful coats supplemented with those colors blended. A breed of house cats recognized by their unique markings is those called the tabbies. Tabbies are known for their spots aspects and naturally, they resemble the tiger image.

Aside from the tri-colored cats, bi-colored house cats also exist like the tuxedo cats. Also, there are those with only pointed markings on a particular part of their bodies such as the ears or paws. With so many options for house cats to choose from, it is highly guaranteed for you to find the right pet that you may require to keep.

House Cat Care Tips

House cat care is always required and some basic understanding of what makes a good home for this feline companion. If you want your house cat around for years to come, the correct diet is essential. To stay happy and healthy, try a consistent feeding schedule. Avoid the pitfalls of unhealthy eating habits by feeding the proper food at regular intervals.

Cow’s milk should not be included in your cat’s diet since it can give the cat diarrhea. Fresh water is the most critical fluid to give your cat. As they age, cats experience changes in their digestive systems, so try to give them small portions that they can digest without difficulty. This change usually occurs at around seven years of age, and that’s when proteins that are easily digested are strongly suggested.

Your cat’s dietary needs can be met by most moist pellets, canned foods, and certain dry food. You can choose between giving your cat dry food or food from the can. Moist food is often preferable for cats with dental problems.

Because they don’t groom themselves adequately, long haired cats often get troublesome hair mats that can become dirty and even painful. To keep their coats healthy, cats groom them with their tongue and teeth. Unfortunately, this can result in cats swallowing the hair they’ve groomed and this, your will find out, does not digest.


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