Largest Cat

What is the largest cat? The largest amongst all current cats, tiger compares in size to the largest feline fossils ever found. Named ‘Panthera Tigris’, cats are distinguished by their black stripes and orange coat, the pattern of which uniquely distinguishes each particular cat. With a whitish belly, tiger’s coat is designed to disperse their outline, assisting them in camouflage as they hunt their prey. Tigers usually weigh in a broad range – from two hundred and fifty to eight hundred pounds – depending on the particular subspecies and animal gender. Female Sumatran Tigers can weigh around 270 pounds, whereas adult male Siberian Tigers may be as heavy as 800 pounds. In fact, the largest ever reported Siberian Tiger in captivity weighed over one thousand pounds. It is a deeply adaptable animal and lives in some of the more densely populated regions of the world. The Bengal is the most known in the world.



It is native to most of southern and Asia eastern. It is at the top of the food chain with no acknowledged predators. Being a carnivore, it feeds on flesh from other animals. It may reach up to 660 months in weight and 13 feet in length. Unlike the lion, it is a territorial and solitary animal. The first Tigers were recognized to have lived 1.2 million years ago.



The most numerous species of cats include, the Bengal, is a rusty brown coloured animal with a white fringe and black stripes around the face. The coloring gives camouflage for the animal in the wild. Due to its shoulders and powerfully built legs, it may pull down prey bigger than itself. It normally hunts at night and can attack most animals for food. It may always have good cover, be next to the water and have sufficient prey. When it is wounded or weak to catch its prey, it can attack humans for food, thus the name man-eater.



The idea behind these size differences is an evolutionary adaptation of the tiger to changing environments in various regions of the world. The large cat prowls over large territories in Siberia, tackling large prey animals and having to cope with bitter cold – thus emerging into the biggest tiger species with a thick fur. The Bengal Tiger comes succeeding with its notoriety for great ferocity and sporadic man-eating in the mangroves of Sundarban. In fact, large male Bengal tigers, especially those in northern Nepal and India, weigh close to the Siberian Tiger.



There are eight species: Javan (extinct), Bengal, South China, Malayan, Sumatran, Siberian, Indochinese and Balinese(extinct). The remaining six are considered endangered. Due to increasing human populations in their former habitats, conflicts with humans have resulted in the killing many of them.



Another distinction of the Bengal is the white tiger. Although uncommon in the wild, it has been favorably bred in zoos. It tends to be crossed eyed, and its life span is less than its orange equivalent. It is a famous attraction at a zoo and was used in Siegfried and Roy’s Las Vegas magic act until February 2009.



The Animal Planet conducted a poll to discover the world’s favorite animal. It was voted first by 1% more than the puppy. There is an approximated 12,000 tigers in the United States preserved as pets by the Association of Aquariums and Zoos. Barely nineteen nations ban private possession of it. Like any wild animal, making it dangerous particularly when it reaches full size.



It is the national animal of multiple Asian nations. It is the mascot for numerous sports teams and corporations. Various novels have been written about the animal. It is normally seen in most jungle movies. It remains as a representative of a fierce but noble animal.




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